How Net Metering Works

Save big with a net energy metering in Westminster & Baltimore, Maryland

Net metering is part of your solar installations. Your utility company will switch out your current meter at no cost for a net meter after solar panels are installed. Any excess power the solar panels create that the home does not use is fed back into the grid through the net meter. Your current meter spins forward only. The net meter spins backwards and forward. When you're putting excess electricity on the grid produced from the solar panels the meter spins backwards. By spinning backwards the net meter gives you a credit or negative number for the electricity produced by your solar panels. When you draw electricity from your local utility at night time or when there is snow on your roof the net meter will spin forward. You do not pay anything to the local utility until the negative number or that credit that you've built up on the net meter gets back to a positive number. You also don't pay any taxes, fees, or surcharges for any of the electricity you purchased from the utility until that credit is completely used from your net meter.

During Spring and Sumner months when the sun is higher in the sky you generate more electricity that is fed back into the grid. Those credited hours on your net meter will help to offset your electric costs during the Fall and Winter months when the sun sits lower in the sky. The net metering allows you to reduce your total costs over the entire year. As your utility rates increase, on average of 5% every year, your total annual saving will increase. Solar allows you to keep more of your money each year you have it. With more power being generated from the sun we will have less of a demand for fossil fuel burning dirty power.